--- CTS Doc ---

2019-06-15 update. The course timing system has been successfully used at the spring 2019 CHCCS ARDF events. There were four events, three 80 m classics and one combine sprint / foxoring event. This is very exciting.

The course timing system documentation is being kept on our website because Kelly and I needed a central place to keep track of things as we develop the system.

You're welcome to look through it but it's not setup for others to use yet. In the future, this will become the documentation site for people that would like to build or use the course timing system.

Home for this documentation work:
main_mseal/2018/ipro/ electronics--cts_course_timing_system/ 0226v00f--cts_course_timing_system_DOC/

I just pulled in documentation from a bunch of different projects and put it in this one place. So much needs to be reorganized. But it's a start : )
Check maurochs for ipros that haven't been included yet.


The course timing system (CTS) consists is a system to electronically record participant arrival times at orienteering and ARDF controls. Runners use RFID cards (rcards) to punch controls they find. When done, they punch a download box to see their results.


Current hardware.


redpoll_025. This is the current latest repoll and was loaded onto the MCT (?). It's currently in 2017 ipro 0214v05d.