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050 - Interferon sensitive inflenza

Recorded: 2018-02-04
Duration: 67'39"


Topics:... Honey bees. Wild pollinators. ... Genetics, children, nature vs nurture, education. Genetic trio studies, two parents and one child. ... Polar bears. Energy expenditure of polar bears and changing climate. ... Influenza. Mutating viruses and screening for interferon sensitivity. Immune escape mechanisms. Vaccination. ... Electric fishing in Europe. Trawling. EU rules for fishing. ... What we've been doing. Canaan Valley, snow, skiing, downhill and cross-country. Drones for Christmas. Grow lights with red and blue LEDs. A working 2 m transmitter for the first time. Wooohoooo! Outside tests.

051 - Spring ARDF in NC and USA ARDF Championships in CA

Recorded: 2018-06-24
Duration: 41'


Topics:... What's been happening since February. ... Two CHCCS ARDF 80m classics. ... First ever CHCCS ARDF sprint. ... First ever CHCCS ARDF 2m event. ... BOK Umstead Park, ARDF 80m classic. ... BOK Eno, ARDF 80m classic. ... USA ARDF Championships - Truckee, CA. First day, foxoring. ... USA Championships - Sprint. ... USA Championships - 2m. ... USA Championships - 80m. ... Wrap-up and future plans.

052 - Neanderoids

Recorded: 2018-07-05
Duration: 44'


Topics:... Intro and administrative stuff. ... First try of Zoom H1. Starting podcast with lavalier microphones (change later). Later on this podcast we'll try it without lavaliers. ... Topics for this podcast. Polio outbreak in Congo. Neanderthal brain organoids. Psychology experiment - human judgement. ... Polio outbreak. Vaccine derived polio vs wild polio. Herd immunity. ... Neanderthal brain organoids. CRISPR. Brain organoids controlling robots. ... Psychology experiments. Prevalence induced concept change. Timothy D Wilson - Redirect. Blue dots and purple dots. ... Taking a break to switch over to Zoom H1 without lavalier microphones. Crossed microphones. ... Bear Island coming up. Packing. ... Going from spreadsheets to data files and scripts. Packing list data files to HTML. Packing list on the web site. ... Outro.

053 - Bear Island trip 2018

Recorded: 2018-07-22
Duration: 65'


Topics:... We recorded this during our trip to Bear Island. Recorded July 14--22. Intro. ... Jul-14 Sat. In evening, in tent. Getting to Bear Island. Heavy traffic on the intra-coastal waterway. ... Jul-15 Sun, 2045. In tent. Woodcock, whip-poor-will. The new huge (4-man) tent. The new poles and new guy-line system for tarp. Bugs not too bad. Egrets, ospreys, terns, brown pelicans. Using fins. Strong rip current. Stars in the evening. ... Jul-16 Mon, 0620. Just after breakfast, on the beach. The weather. 13 minutes to walk to bath house area (BHA), 7 minutes to run back. ... Jul-16 Mon, 1727. Having dinner. Met Chris, a former student of Kelly's. ... Jul-17 Tue, 2113. In the tent. New string LED lights. Campers at camp 9, broken poles, 20-25 mph winds. Sand flying up under the fly and onto the mesh. The long shore current was super strong today. Expecting a 0200 down-poor. ... Jul-18 Wed. Early morning, around 0530. Patrick hunting for the whip-poor-will. Very little sound. Listen for the birds. ... Jul-18 Wed, 0828. During to NE end of island, on the way back. Blue crab, fish, huge hermit crab. Egrets, mud snails, huge colony of tiny hermit crabs. Small plovers. ... Jul-20 Fri, 0701. Walking towards SW end of Bear Island (the long hike). Started at 0651 from mile 0.0 at BHA. Seeing woodcocks fly by at breakfast. The grackles. Seeing the International Space Station. ... Jul-21 Sat, 1544. Bad noise from the wind. Packing. No tarp; it's packed away. Finished packing by 1030. Prepared for storm yesterday, so some packing was already done. Hit by storm last night. Ranger Brian. Glass lizards. Corn snake. This morning, saw a night-jar, white patches on winds. Breakfast in the rain. Flame-up of the stove. Lighting the stove outside the tent. New raincoats. Guy-lines and banking of the tent. Wind whipping rain under the fly and into the tent. ... Outro. Check out the web page for the Bear Island trip, many pictures.

054 - Hurricanes.

Recorded: 2018-09-20
Duration: 35'


Topics:... Intro. ... Hurricanes providing oportunity for studying rainforest recovery. How warming affects rainforest ability to recover. Puerto Rico. Heat lamps on forest floor to simulate increased temperatures. ... Transition. ... Video (Donihue, Nature publication) showing lizard holding on to post in high wind. Foot pads, femur length, humurus length, etc. Ability to hold on. Changes in morphometry found after hurricane passage. ... Transition. ... School starting. ARDF season starting. Peach jar out. US Championships coming to NC. ... Watching the ARDF World Championships in Korea. Like following the Olympics. ... This summer US Champs to NC. Charles and Nadia planning ARDF classes in Cary. ... You look different : ) Kelly passed her technician exam - Yippieee! New equipment including Icom 7100. Philosphy of different interests, building and operating. Early times in our ARDF events with barely any equipment. ... Baofeng UV-5R. Not tuning below 146 MHz. CHIRP software on Debian. Using the special cable. Plans to use Baofengs during ARDF events. ... Future plans. Power and battery work for in the field. Gel cell. Event coming this weekend. Then two more for school. Then the BOK ARDF. Plan on working with library earlier next summer. ... Outro.

055 - Canaan Valley with Isaac - December.

Recorded: 2018-12-30
Duration: 21'


Topics:... We recorded it in cabins at the state park. We might be off by a day for the date but it was definitely in between Dec. 26 and Dec. 31. ... Toool (with three o's). Lock picking and comparison to software security. Responsible disclosure. ... History of making locks. The world fare. Stanley locks. ... Several findings from a conference. All about implantable devices with new ways to power them and nanotech. Trauma. Electrical stimulation of nerves. Implanted device. Powered like RFID. Into rats. Device disolves over time. ... Treatment for obesity. Implanted device to stimulate the vagus nerve. Motion of stomach powers the device. Rats stopped eating earlier. ... Parkinson's disease. Tremors. Stimulation under the thalamus. Rats again. ... Developmental stages. Recording stages, CRISPR, RNA. ... Rift valley fever, virus, transmission to fetus. ... Time to eat.

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