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Clicking pictures will bring up original full-sized versions. All participants are listed as seen in the picture from left to right. Pictures are mostly in chronological order.

Kelly. Setting up the registration table.

Nadia, Charles, Ginger (dog volunteer), Kelly. Nadia and Charles were there early to help with setup and to make sure all ran smoothly.

Kelly, Imre. Imre has his new board to hold the map and mark bearings.

Nadia, Charles, Kelly, Imre. Marking two frequency knob positions.

Patrick, Terese, Ken. Terese and Ken had done ARDF in the past. Here they were refreshing their knowledge and going over the different course options.

Ken, Terese, Kelly, Harold. Getting maps and receivers ready.

Terese, Kelly, Harold. Two thumbs up for Harold. ☺ Finish guide tape and finish flag can be seen in background.

Harold, Terese, Kelly. Harold is testing his sense antenna. Terese and Kelly are also experimenting with receiver settings.

Jackson, Harold, James, Laura, Kelly, Josef (in back), Ken, Terese. The registration and equipment pick-up table is getting busy. Kelly had all the receivers and forms laid out but it still got totally hectic.

James, Ethan, Jackson, Laura. Also partly visible behind: Paul, Caleb, Jenny, Kelly. We're just starting the class with James, Ethan, Jackson, and Laura.

Caleb, Jenny, Paul, Kelly. Just after getting the BOK receivers that had just arrived. We couldn't get some of these to work. A bit frustrating. But eventually, everyone had a working unit. Happy time! ☺

Laura, Jackson, Patrick (green shirt), Ethan, James. The class is starting and we're learning about the receivers.

Kyle, Colin. Here again, we had problems with the receivers. Sorry guys, and thanks for helping us troubleshoot. We found some that worked in the end.

Gary, Giles, Jenny (way in the distance, in black), Kyle. Everyone is testing out their equipment, making sure it all works.

Imre, Ruth, Joseph.

James (in front), Johnathan. By the start flag, about to head out onto the course.

Arianna, Melina, Ben, Patrick (behind). Two groups left the class early. Here we're continuing the class for a bit longer before heading onto the course together.

Evan, Arianna, Melina, Ben. We're looking at the finish shoot and flag, talking about the controls.

James, somewhere close to the homing beacon.

Evan, Patrick, Ben (behind), Melina. We're working through the two ways to figure out a bearing to the transmitter.

Johnathan. Just starting out. He must be listening to the foxes, working out a strategy for the best path.

Charles running back from his run to fix fox #2, one of two furthest foxes. When it suddenly went off the air, Charles grabbed one of the spare transmitters and ran out to fix the problem. Thanks Charles! ☺

Arianna, Melina, Ben. Arianna coming down the finish shoot after punching the homing beacon. Melina and Ben can just barely be seen through the trees as they follow Arianna.

Arianna. Just punching the finish.

Terese. Running down the finish shoot. Excellent!

Terese, Kelly.

Joseph. Coming in just after racing to the finish.

Joseph, Terese. No one's come in since Joseph arrived back, so he gets to sit in "the recovery chair". It was a hot day, and almost everyone got to sit in the recovery chair.

Ruth. Racing down the shoot to the finish.

Ruth, one second from the finish control.

Ruth, punshing the finish. Done! ☺

Jenny and Caleb. Walking back down the main path.

Ruth, Kevin (blurry in background), Joseph, Steven.

Kevin, Steven. Just after getting back.

Johnathan. Also, just after getting back.

Joseph, Jenny, Caleb.

Ken. He came back with an overheated engine. But he still punched the homing beacon and here he is also punching the finish.

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