— CHCCS ARDF Current Calendar —

Island Creative Time

ARDF Amateur Radio Direction Finding.
BOK Backwoods Orienteering Klub
CHCCS Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools
CNF Carolina North Forest
CNF-W/CNF-Seawell CNF-West. CNF entrance at Seawell Elementary School
CNF-E/CNF-Municipal CNF-East. CNF at Municipal Drive entrance
IsCT Island Creative Time
KLS/PRS Kelly L Sears/Patrick R Sears
SMS Smith Middle School
? Placeholder dates - actual dates to be determined.

ARDF events are labeled as follows:

All CHCCS ARDF events are 80m classic unless noted otherwise.

See what we did in previous seasons on the
Past ARDF Calendar
main ARDF event report page.

2020 Fall Semester

? 2020-08-17 Mon CHCCS, first class day of fall semester. (COVID-19 plan)
? 2020-09-01 Tue CHCCS, first class day of fall semester. (pre-COVID-19 plan)
2020-09-07 Mon Labor Day
2019-09-12 Sat CHCCS ARDF Fall 1, 80m classic. CANCELED / COVID-19.
2019-09-26 Sat CHCCS ARDF Fall 2, 80m classic. CANCELED / COVID-19.
2019-10-10 Sat CHCCS ARDF Fall 3, foxoring. CANCELED / COVID-19.
2019-10-25 Sun BOK ARDF, 80m classic, Eno, P & K event directors.
2019-10-30 BOK annual meeting. Propose schedule for 2021. Propose CNF events using PnK equipment.
---------------------Last calendar update.


2021-04-18 BOK ARDF, 80m classic, Eno River, P&K event directors.
2021-08-01 BOK ARDF, type TBD maybe foxoring, CNF, P&K event directors.
2021-09-12 BOK ARDF, type TBD maybe 80m classic, Eno River, P&K event directors.
2021-10-10 BOK ARDF, type TBD maybe sprint, CNF, P&K event directors.
2021-10-14 ? Start of USA ARDF championship, North Carolina, Oct-14 to Oct-17?

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