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Clicking pictures will bring up original full-sized versions. All participants are listed as seen in the picture from left to right. Pictures are in chronological order with those from Patrick's camera first and those from Kelly's camera afterward.

Patrick's camera.

Pictures start just before participants started arriving.

Kelly. At start, waiting for the first participants to arrive, just after we finished setting up the tarp.

Harold. Trying out the receiver just before going out.

Ruth, Kelly.

The terriers.

Johnathan and Imre. About to go out on the course.

Juha, Aksel (from back), Ruth (in distance), Kelly, James (at back), Aili (from back), Lynn. Pre-class busy time around the start.

Aksel, Juha, Aili, Lynn, James, Tom (way way in the back, just a tan hat and part of dark shirt visible), Evan (also way way in back, red shirt), Jenny. The class is heading North along the main path, in search of Fox #2.

Imre and Joseph. Post run in-depth discussions about the course.

Kelly, Jenny. Also discussing the course.

Tom. In the woods.

Steve, Joseph (behind), Kevin, Harold, Kelly (from back). Busy around start table after the run.

Harold, Steve, James, Kelly (from back), Kevin, Ruth, Joseph.

Leo. Punching homing beacon.

Ruth, Joseph.

Kelly (picture edge), Colin, Kyle, Ruth.

Kelly's pictures.

They start during the homing beacon setup, just before setting up the tarp at the start area.

Patrick. Hanging antenna verticals spool during homing beacon setup.

Patrick. Starting to raise the loaded verticals hanging pole.

Patrick. Negotiating branches as the hanging pole rises.

Patrick. Hanging pole fully raised, almost there.

Juha, Lynn, James, Patrick. The class starting next to the start area tarp.

Ruth. Going out on course.

Tom, Evan. Getting the equipment ready before going out.

Aksel, Juha, Lynn, Patrick. During class, starting to listen for the foxes.

The class is continuing as the group goes out on the course. First, let's search for Fox #2.

Joseph. Running to the finish after hitting the homing beacon.

Joseph. Running to the finish. Almost there.

Imre. Running to the finish.

Imre. Almost to the finish.

Jenny, Patrick. Emerging from the woods after the long trek from Fox #4 back to the start/finish area.

Juha and Askel, Aili, Lynn. Almost to the finish.

James. Punching the finish.

Harold. Arriving back at the start/finish area.

Ruth. Running toward the finish.

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