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86. IsCT news - We're back, again.

2017-11-14. Patrick.

We're back! Actually no, we've been here the entire time. It may seem like the website is asleep. Just looking at the home page, there hasn't been a new blog post since Apr-10 and the latest update at the top was on Aug-17.

But that's just the front page. We've been super busy with ARDF and if you go to the CHCCS ARDF home page, or our ARDF event report list, or our ARDF calendar, you will see what we've been doing.

Our ARDF fall 2017 season is over. It's been a truly crazy time but definitely worth it. It's going to take a month or so to get everything back in order but the pressure is off. Relief sighhhh

The main part of the IslandCT website should start to get more regular updates. But mostly, we're experimenting and building. This last season, we added foxoring to the ARDF events. Very exciting. Now we want to add sprint and 2m. And we want to get the course timing system working for the school events. And we want to run some truly full length events for BOK. And we have several hardware changes needed in the 80m transmitters. And... It's a lot.

The 2m will require actually developing and building the transmitters. That's our top priority because it would be so cool for everyone. Experimentation is going on right now. It may or may not happen. The sprint will require reprogramming the 80m transmitters. That has started. The course timing system... Experimentation has re-started. We'll just have to see how far we get by next March when the spring season starts.

So that's it. We had a super fall season and we're already getting stuff ready for the spring season. If all goes really well, we'll have most of our equipment built by then. After that, we'll do some documenting of what works and spend more time with our other favorite activities.

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