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2015-05-10. Posted blog 19. Finally got the all the podcast audio processed through to the last podcast (009).

2015-05-12. Corrected last update time (05-10 instead of 02-19). Added the e-mail address to front page. Changed podcast page background from pinkish to blue-green. Added many more words and phrases to podcast page. Added 'about' words to podcast title lines.

2015-05-17. Added pictures to week-03, Raspberry Pis for second monitors. Kelly's next blog entry should be up soon.

2015-05-19. Added Kelly's latest blog entry. Did some minor formatting changes.

2015-05-25. Added Patrick's latest blog entry. Podcast has been recorded and should be up soon.

2015-06-14. Changed the web page title from 'Frontal Harvest' to 'Island C T -- Frontal Harvest'. Added Kelly and Patrick blog entries (22 & 23). Last two podcasts still not on the site; working through technical issues.

2015-06-18. Uploaded podcast-010. Sound level of Patrick is quite a bit lower than Kelly's. We'll try to fix this in the future.

2015-06-23. Posted blogs 24 (Kelly) and 25 (Patrick).

2015-07-01. Posted blog 26 (Kelly, cataract surgery on left eye). Server was down for a while because of repeated crashes. It's back up but I wasn't able to connect to it via ddns.net.

Many updates missed during server and hosting migration.

2015-10-18. Just got the new hosting service setup. Doing initial testing with this page.

2015-11-04. Created the podcast page. Got podcast IslandCT-021 up.

2015-11-07. New look to the web site. Added podcast 22. Added Creative Commons License. Added blog entries 43 and 44. Added the list of blog entries by topic.

2015-11-11. Added blog entry 45. Started migration to website builder using c rather than bash scripts; much nicer to work with but still not fully automated. Added a full list of all blog entries entered chronologically. A few cosmetic changes.

2015-11-14. Migration to c website builder complete. There is still a bit of manual work. Removed blog entries by topic page. It will be back in the future. Uploaded one of our old podcasts - 020, ARDF crazyness.

2015-11-15. Uploaded Kelly's latest blog, #46.

2015-11-17. More changes to the website layout and general look. Trying to get one look for all pages and get it automated by the website builder. I think it's starting to look really good.

2015-11-19 Fixed blog full list missing separation between two boxes. Have the home page latest update paragraph be automatically generated instead of manually copied over. Have home page use ict_builder::build_home_v2(...) so that it is built like other pages. Add comment area at end of changelog data file so that we can keep "work since last change" and "a faire" sections. Added old podcast-019 (mantle). Fixed Makefile dependencies. Fixed podcast page to be handled like other pages so it has the same look.

2015-11-20 Went to ict_ws_builder-0.1.1. Moved individual blog entries to new website look. Added code to all templates to stop the left side links div from dropping down into the main entry. Also added some align-left code for the text. Added old blog entries 01 02 03 04. Filled out podcast-022 show notes. Added new podcast-023 and partial show notes. Fixed the podcast list page introduction. Added a section to the home page to put the latest podcast. Added Pat's blog #47 about home made vias.

2015-11-29 Added old blog entries 05 06 07 08. Added Kelly's new blog entry (48) on dinosaurs and chickens.

2015-12-06 Added old blog entries 09--29. Added new images to blog entries 28 and 29. Added new podcast 024 (gene drive) and old podcast 018. Manually replaced old IslandCT/FrontalHarvest site on home samba server with new IslanCT site in preparation of testing updates using rsync. Tested rsync on home samba server (excluding ogg and mp3 files). Added my blog 049 (TX-80, we have power!). Added old blog 040.

2015-12-13 Added place holders for all older blog in full blog list. Added directories for every missing blog entry and filled it with all I had transfered from old server and made notes about what is missing in the blog list. Added podcasts 013, 014, 015, and 017, without notes. Tried to get podcast 016 processed but something happened during the recording and voices come out sounding like ogres. Went to IslandCT website builder version 0.1.2. Major change in format of podcast data and IslandCT website builder to handle podcast information as {title, header, minutes, links}. This is useful in excluding the minutes sections from the home page where it makes everything look ugly. But it still allows the inclusion of the minutes section in the podcast listings web page where the ability to search it is handy. Re-processed all the remaining audio podcasts 001 through 012 and put the on the server. Started re-formating podcast list for an even nicer look. Implemented a pop-up using javascript to show podcast minutes for one of the podcasts but decided it was a bad idea since it makes it impossible to search the page. Instead we'll implement a second podcast list. The first page will have no minutes and be nice and clean. Removed pop-up javascript stuff. The second page will have the minutes, more information but messier. Changed the IslandCT site builder to handle a podcast_minutes page. Changed the some of the webpage templates to handle new podcast_minutes page. Added Kelly's old blog entry 30 (recovery from heart disease). Added a 'Needs a picture' line to each blog entry that needs one. Added Pat's old blog entries 31 (comet 67P) and 39 (starting to build 80m TX ugly construction). Removed blog list section denoting entries being migrated from old server and replaced it with just a note by the missing entries; only six left; happy! Added Kelly's latest blog (50, Student projects and DonorsChoose).

2015-12-18 Added Pat's new blog entry, 51, about soldering the Si5351 MSOP-10. Recorded podcast-025. Changed all server rsync scripts to run as user rather than root. Went to ict_ws_builder-0.1.3 and testing update of site via rsync over ssh.

2015-12-20 Added podcast-025 (Aurochs) to website. Changed homepage message about recovering from server death to recovery being mostly complete. Changed the podcast list page intro to better describe the current situation, mostly updated. Updated the podcast minutes webpage intro. Updated blog list webpage intro.

2016-01-07 Recorded and processed podcast-026, year 2015 in review. Added Kelly's blog (#52, drones).

2016-02-08 Wow! It's been a month since the last update. But there is a fantastic reason. I have been working every moment I could spare on the 80 m transmitters. And this last weekend we finally had our first one completed. Happy day! All through this time, we kept up writing our blog entries and recording the podcast. It's going to take bit of time but they should all be up in the next week or two. For now, I have just have my next blog entry (53) on our trip to Seneca Rocks, WV.

2016-02-08 Second update today (all was pretty much ready to go). Added Kelly's blog entry (54) on light for vision and podcast-027. Added blog entries 55 (pat), 56 (kelly), 57 (pat). Added podcast-028, Humans in the arctic 2.

2016-02-24 Created place holder for Kelly's blog 58. Updated Patrick's blog 59, ARDF 80 m transmitters built. Some fixes on blog 56. Put up blog 58 (Kelly first MakerSpace Enrichment club meeting). Put up blog 60 (Kelly, gravitational waves discovered). Podcast processed and notes taken but no uploads yet; soon...

2016-02-26 Podcast-029, Gravitational Waves!, uploaded with notes.

2016-03-02 Created testing project pages. Recorded podcast-030 and processed audio. Wrote up Patrick's blog 61 on 80 m transmitter experiments. Added new pictures that Kelly took to Patrick's blog. Started putting real content in projects page for ARDF 80 m transmitter. Changed the projects page for the maker space into a template. Wrote up podcast-030 show notes.

2016-03-05 Major update to the 80m TX project page.

2016-03-07 Put up Kelly's latest blog: #62, the elodea lab.

2016-03-11 Added podcast 031 and its notes.

2016-03-15 Added pat's blog 63, 80m version 2 transmitters built.

2016-03-28 Created template for Kelly's blog, 64. Added pat's blog, 65 - Smith Middle School Enrichment Club ARDF. Recorded podcast 032 in Augusta GA with our son Isaac.

2016-03-28-b Added Kelly's completed blog post 64 on changes in next year's maker space.

2016-08-29 Added podcast 32 and show notes.

2016-04-19 Added the 'ARDF Calendar' project. Spent a week in Texas for the 2016 USA ARDF Championships; then came back to set up our school ARDF events. So super busy and the website updates are going to be slow for a bit. Recorded podcast-034 and processed audio. Created new ARDF calendar project pages. Created new project page for Smith Middle School ARDF events. Added podcast-034 notes.

2016-04-23 Added Kelly's blog 66; Pat's blog 67. Updated the SMS ARDF project page. Updated the ARDF calendars. And we had our ARDF Saturday ARDF demo day!

2016-04-24 We're hitting a serious time crunch. So, from now on, minor changes and fixes no longer marked in change log.

2016-04-26 Recorded podcast 34, edited audio. Posted blog entrie 68 (Kelly: biotech STEM in practice). Posted blog entrie 69 (Patrick: hold all building).

2016-04-28 Started testing ARDF forms/php registration page on home server only. This is desperately needed but I don't yet understand the security issues. Posted podcast 34, baby titanosaur bones, and show notes.

2016-05-02 Created event report page for 2016-04-30 SMS ARDF event.

2016-05-08 Recorded podcast-35; no processing yet. Posted Kelly's blog (70, Sphero Heroes). Updated ARDF information page for Spring 2016 at school. Added an receiver registration form for the ARDF event.

2016-05-10 Posted Patrick's blog (71, our first full course ARDF event). Posted podcast-35.

2016-05-11 Added pictures to blog 71.

2016-05-12 Purchased islandcreativetime.org and directed it to islandcreativetime.com. Soon, we'll make it an independent website where we'll test a new version of the website that is easier to maintain without disturbing the current version at .com. We have to deal with our own version of the 'Y2K' problem. We used two digits for blog and post entries but we'll need three digits for the blog entries before the end of 2017. Made some changes to the school ARDF information pages, mostly just updating and fixing a broken link. Major work on project list web page to make it more organized.

2016-05-15 Posted Kelly's blog (#72) that has instructions for how to use the 80m receivers during our next event, May-28.

2016-05-18 Manually (ssh into server and direct editing of page) changed ARDF receiver reservation form in attempt to get changes done as quickly as possible; added school affiliation so that we could ensure no school was left out because of a shortage of receivers. Also, corrected email address.

2016-05-19 Another manual change to make link to ARDF receiver reservation much more prominent.

2016-05-21 Updated the ARDF calendar page. Finally, put manual changes into main webpage update system. Some other minor fixes.

2016-05-30 Recorded podacts 36, processed audio. Posted podcast 73 (pat, starting on the 2m transmitter). At this point it's 05-25 and all is updated on the home server. But we're holding back the update to the server on the internet for three days. The last blog (72, Kelly) is all about 80m receiver use. We're just about to run our next ARDF event for the school, and we're starting to get receiver reservations. Found an error in the receiver registration page (05-26 Th, ~0510, Phillips MS missing from list) and fixed just that page. Updated ARDF calendars. Posted the event report for the May-28 school ARDF event. Download problem discovered 2016-05-30: When right-clicking links to .tar.gz files and choosing save as, the downloaded file ends up with extra bytes and fails to unpack. This happens when downloading from the GoDaddy server but not from our home server. I don't understand this but I added a note by each tarball and I left the files up because downloading using wget still works. If anyone understands this problem, please let us know.

2016-06-05 Posted podcast 37. Updated the ARDF calendar. Posted pictures of 2016-04 USA ARDF Championships.

2016-06-11 Posted blog entry 74 (Kelly, building an ARDF community). Started working on ssh system for website updates again.

2016-09-16. This is just a super quick manual update to let you know that we will soon be updating the site. In August, our youngest son, Luke, died. We are slowly getting things going again. For those of you interested in ARDF at the schools, our plan is to get started again in October and we'll be contacting you in the next week or so. Luke, we love you so so much.

2016-09-25. Starting work on website again. Mostly this will be on scripts to create website.

2016-10-08. ARDF event at CNF rained out by hurricane Matthew. Put out and tested transmitters anyway. Next event will be 11-03.

2016-10-15: On August 13, 2016, our son Luke died. The school ARDF part of the website has been back up since late-September so that we could get info out to the students. We're planning on getting the rest of the website (blog and podcast) running again. But for now, we're concentrating on getting ARDF going again. Luke, we love you so much. We will always remember you, always hold you so dear. We miss you so so much. We love you.

2017-03-03. We're back! I just wrote a couple blog entries. There is still much to update from 2016. And this page needs some updating. But things are moving again.

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