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Using the list from 2017 and updating as I go...

ooonot done or packed yet

day packs

+++2 large waterproof backpacks for carring at landings. Start off with pat daypack in blue one and Kelly daypack in orange one.

pat's daypack
+++daypack rain cover
+++mosquito head net
+++rain jacket
+++fly swatter. Kelly also has one.
+++one 2L water bottle, full.
+++2 bandannas (1 dark for dirty stuff, 1 light for clean stuff). Spares are in clothes bag.
+++Pat's red olympus camera.
+++Zoom H1, recording device for IsCT
+++wind puff cover for recording device
+++small ear buds (to check recording)
+++Handy talky
+++1 spray sunscreen
+++head lamp
+++4 gallon zip locs to use as small garbage bags. Each one to last two days.
+++1 dry pack to keep in day bag. Use a thin one. It's just to keep some important stuff before we can get it covered in suden downpoors. Day packs in large heavy waterproof backpacks during paddle over and back.

Kelly's daypack
+++daypack rain cover
+++mosquito head net
+++Kelly's extra hat (not hear "real" one)
+++rain jacket
+++fly swatter.
+++one 2L water bottle, full.
+++Handy talky
+++1 spray sunscreen

Boating and Swimming

Both the boating ans swim bags must be mesh so that stuff can dry.

boating - loose

nnncanoe goes on car, Fri evening.

boating bag (mesh)

+++2 life jackets
+++2 pair neoprene gloves (1 pat, 1 kelly). Just in case (eg hot canoe, rope handling).
+++ropes to tie canoe along dock and at landing.
+++canoe tip handles
+++3 ropes to hold down bags bags on canoe
+++carabiners (8) to hook into loops on canoe and to use with hold-down strings and bungee mesh.

+++bailing jug
+++bailing pump
+++2 bailing sponges

swim bag (mesh)

+++fins for pat and Kelly
+++webbed gloves for swimming
+++camp shower
+++connector for camp shower tube


tenting - 1 (tents & tarps)

+++tent - REI half dome 4. With footprint. Pole repair tube in string bad?
+++smaller green tarp (Kelty Upslope)
- Not taking the large tarp this year. Didn't use it last two years. And using extra large tent anyway for first time this year.

tenting - 2 (sleeping and chairs)

+++2 off-ground camp chairs. With PVC feet rails to stop sinking in sand.
+++2 flat folding on-ground camp chairs. To use as canoe seats, emergency tent pads, and mats to use off-ground camp chairs in tent.
+++2 blow up (thermarests) for sleeping in tent
+++2 light sleeping bags

tenting - 3 (string & stakes)

string bag
+++string (make sure there is enough for clothes line)
+++small tape measure
+++tent pole splint tubes
+++clothes pins
+++extra biners
+++Guy lines for green tarp (14, 2 at each corner, 3 at each end, 5 m each). With one biner on each guy line and a taut-line hitch at each end.
+++Small loops to prusik around guy lines to hang stuff.
+++Guylines for tent and clothes line poles. 3 m each. Have 10. Will probably only need 4 for tent.

+++stakes bag
- bags to fill with sand
+++large camp shovel
+++tent brush bag:
- tent brush for sand
- short bristle brush to wipe wet sand off of feet, in ziploc bag

bug repellent & sun screen

+++2 DEET spray cans
+++10 sun screen spray cans here, 1.5 per day = 12, 1 in each daypack + 10 here. Some may be partially used.
+++1 cream sun screen

pole bag

+++alum poles.
- For tarp: 4 tall, 2 short.
- For clothes lines: 1 tall, 1 short. We're expecting a T at the camp site to use as one end (boyscout project, new last year) so we're taking 1 less short pole.
+++4 plant rods for solar panels


This is Kelly's area.

- 7 breakfast, one maybe small on departure.
- 6 lunch. Doesn't include paddle-in or paddle-out days.
- 6 dinner for regular evenings
- 1 dinner sub or similar for paddle-in day.
- snacks
- Each dinner:


camp kitchen

stove bag
+++bottom shield
+++wind shield

+++stove repair kit
+++2x fuel 650ml + pump top

+++pot to boil water, alum, 1600+ ml. With lid.
+++pot holder
+++2x long spoon. 1 for kelly, 1 for pat.
nnnCouldn't find - kelly's bamboo utensil set
+++2 big double Stanley mugs for food and coffee
+++coffee filter holder
+++neoprene holder for holding hot reconstituted food bag

garbage bag

+++4 large garbage bags. Use as two double bagged bages, one bungee on each. All garbage should go in ziploc for smell/rodents before being put in the large garbage.
+++8 thick gallon ziplocs to use as day garbages (1 per day), bungee to hold all them together.

water bag

+++6x 1.5L water bottles, empty.
+++2x 1L water bottles, empty.
+++2x 950ml thermoses. To fill with anniv drinks.
nnnK & P also each have a 1L bottle in their day packs.
nnnCheck before casting off that the water on the island is running ok.


electrical devices bag

+++dessicant in all electrical sub-bags

extra batteries
+++8 extra NiMH AA (4x2)
+++8 extra NiMH AAA
+++3 spare Black Diamond "revolt" AAA NiMH for headlamps.
+++battery checker
+++dead batteries bag with 8 "sub-bags" to keep cells together than need to be charged together.

solar panels and battery chargers
+++2 solar panel sets. Plant rods to hang them are in poles bag.
+++2 "Portapow" chargers. 4 cells in two sets of 2. AA or AAA. Use with 4 AA for charging by solar panels and then to charge other devices.
+++2x 4 AA batteries for Portapow chargers. Store with but not in chargers because the on button gets pressed by mistake too easily.
+++"SunJack" charger - 4 cell charger, AA or AAA, any number or combination at a time.
+++all adapters we need - we have all except USB-A-plug to USB-A-plug needed for ammeter.

+++weather radio (2m handy talky)
+++Kelly's small LED light string (uses 3x AA). The white one, not the pink one from last year.
+++Drok USB V & A meter
+++flashlight to leave hanging in tent
nnncell phone goes in on last day
+++rainygig and charger cable
nnnNo accessories for Patrick's camera. It can be recharged directly from a USB charger.

+++rice or some other absorbant

Audio recorder, camera, and handy talkies in day pack.


pat-1 & pat-2

+++2 lip sun screen
+++2 lighters
+++small tape measure
+++small thermometer
+++multitool with pliers
+++sewing kit
+++pens & pencils
+++pocket write-in-rain notepad for super quick notes
+++3/4 spiral notepad in case
+++ear plugs
nnnwallet loc at camp

--- fragile ---
nnnprescrip regular glasses are set out to wear.
+++perscrip sun glasses in case.
+++reading glasses in case.
+++clip-on sun glasses to go on reading glasses

+++binocs in own bag. Minolta 8x40, standard, extra wide 9.5° (166m at 1000m).
+++desicant with binocs

--- electrical ---
nnnleave trail GPS at home

Clothes - Pat

pat clothes - 1

+++2 socks (+wear one pair in). Long enough to tuck in pants. For bugs and sun. For bugs, it's mostly for mosquitoes. For sun, it's mostly in sandals when walking, half in water.
+++1 rain pants.
+++5 long sleeve shirts. 8 days. Wearing 1 shirt in + 5 packed. I'll only need to wash two shirts.
+++1 light sweater
+++1 light-weight poof (instead of heavy sweater)
+++2 spare bandannas (1 dark for dirty stuff, 1 light for clean stuff). The two in-use ones are in daypack.
+++1 laundry bag
+++1 blow-up pillow

+++6 swim suits. I'll have 7 including the one I'm wearing on paddle in. But they'll be used as night shorts also.
+++1 long pants.
+++Belt for long pants.
+++1 large + 2 small towels for pat

pat clothes to keep in day pack

nnnrain jacket

Kelly's section

Kelly's daypack is listed separately.



What else goes in here?

pat paper


+++fiction: redshift scifi anthology
+++fiction: part of Seveneves that Kelly hasn't gotten to
+++geology: reading carolina beaches
+++2 small beach nature guides (Peterson and Golden)
+++Golden small weather guide
+++bird book
+++knot book

Other paper/writing stuff

+++park info print-ups
+++maps of island
+++tide charts
+++star and other sky charts
+++car info
+++barometer/altimeter manual

wash ann dry

+++wash kit
+++wet ones (2 bags). one pack = 56. Take two packs. (4x 3/day * 8days = 12 * 8 = 96, about 100) *2. 1 pack in go bag, one in storage.
+++small (4x6") black ziplocks. 8d * 6/d = 48. Each set of 8 in its own quart ziploc. 7 in stores, 1 in go bag.
+++3 anti-bac whipe bags. 2 in stores, 1 in go bag. Each bag has 20 wipes, about 6 per day gives about 3 days per bag.
+++hippie soap. 3 bottles, 120 ml each. Try for 3 days per bottle, including laundry and dishes.
+++mm, 15g * 7 days. About (4x 6c / day).
+++1st aid kit
+++small shovel
nnncamp towels are in clothes bag.


+++Ropes to tie canoe to car top.
+++mp3 player for music
nnnLEFT BY MISTAKE - pat's tablet with notes and pictures from last year
+++car bag
+++swim suit to change into after arriving at park.

Return trip bag.

+++change of clothes
+++wet ones
+++anti-bac wipes
+++tooth brush and tooth paste

+++shoes. To have dry ones for return trip.

Set out for departure morning.

set out to wear - pat

+++sandals. Use thick Keen sandals because of oyster shells in shallow water and we're not taking rubber booties.
+++camp shorts, with belt
+++long sleeve shirt
+++pat's perscrip glasses in case.
+++pat's car keys
+++pat's wallet
+++pat's watch
+++lip sun screen

À faire avant le départ.

temp area

nnnreplace redshift with Anne McCaffrey book?
nnnNO TIME, skip - prep new music playlist?
nnnNO TIME, skip - take camera manual?
nnnfrom notes 2017 0717v05a, want about 600 ml soap total. But that can't be right, even with clothes washing. One of our regular home shower liquid soaps is only 530 ml.
+++Just one large camp towel? (notes 2017 0717v05a).
+++Make the notes_about_park.txt file into something well formatted and print it up to take?

to find or print

+++maps for car trip
+++weather forecast
+++maps of Bear Island
+++Info about park: Open times, ferry schedules, concession open/close times, etc.
+++Info about park - later check: ranger presentation times. Checked but none were listed.
+++time tables: tides, sun, moon
+++Brunton barometer/altimeter manual
ooofinal pack lists


+++charge phone
+++charge MP3 player
+++charge audio recorder AA
+++charge camera

autres à faire

+++Listen to IsCT podcast from Bear Island 2017
+++canoe debug & clean
+++check first aid kit
+++labels on all bags
+++take bike rack off car (Th evening?)

day before leaving and last minute

+++Check park website for last minute notices and warnings.
+++cell phone to electrical bag.
+++Fill aniv thermoses.
+++print weather forecast
+++remember watch
+++one last water of plants
+++pack rainygig
+++canoe on car Fri evening

ooocar keys
oooKelly camera & accessories? She hasn't decided yet.
+++Red sandals for trip back to be packed in car.
oooKelly wallet
oooKelly phone
+++What else should I put in here?

tmp DONE

+++grease large camp shovel
+++charge headlamps
+++charge handy talkies
+++pack bandmet
+++pack bandavi
+++Fill 2 water bottles to take in canoe.
+++put a polyurethane coating on pat's notebook cover.
+++put floating glasses string on prescrip sun and reg glasses.
+++replace 2GB SD card in audio recorder with 32GB card
+++Pack aniv gifts for Kelly somewhere or give.
+++desiccant to meds

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