2018 USA ARDF Championship
June 13--17
Truckee, California

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06-15 Fri - Sprint.

Ruth, Jen, Bill, Matt, Scott (way in back), Jay (way in back), Joe, Bill, Kelly.

Scott, Jay.

Jay, Scott, Ken, Alex.

06-16 Sat - 2m.

Nick, Ruth, Scott, Jerry, Scott (way in back), Ken, Bot, Harley.

Ken, Jay, Joe.

Thomas, Bill, Alex, Kelly, Tarmo, Andres, Harley.

Ken, Alex, Kelly, Bill, Joseph, Bill.

Grace, Alex, Thomas, Eduard, Nick, Vadim, Matt (way in back).

Tarmo, Andres, Natalia, Alex, Joe.

Scott, Bill, Bill.

Joseph, Nick, Kelly, Alex.

Woody, Kelly, Jay, Bob.

Bob, Joe, Jay, Kelly, Bob, Woody.

Patrick's 2m map. The area around fox #2 completely obscured by crossed lines and notes.

06-16 Sat - Banquet.

Grace, Thomas, Kelly.

Jen, James, Greg.

Tarmo, Andres, Bob.

Eduard, Alex.

Matt, Ken, James, Jen, Jay, Tom, Woody, Kelly.

Just listing front three tables with people: Scott, Joe, Matt, Ninel, Alla.

Ninel, Alla, Nick.

Tom, Jay, Woody.

Grace, Thomas, Ruth, Alex, Bob, Joseph.

?, Tarmo, ?, Andres.

Jen, James, Ken.

Alex, ?, Illia, Eduard.

Greg, ?, ?, Vadim, Natalia.

Front two tables: Joe, Matt, Kelly. Next two tables: Bill, Scott, Harley, Jerry.

?, ?, Tom, Jay, Alex, Ninel, Alla, Natalia, Kelly, Ruth, Thomas.

Jay, ?, Illia, Eduard, Alex, Ken, Patrick, Andres, Vadim.

Eduard, Illia, Ken, Joseph, Andres, Vadim, Nick, Harley.

06-17 Sun - 80m.

Vadim, Alex, Alex.

Tarmo, Ken, Vadim, Nick, Bill, Alex.

Woody, Harley.

Harley, Jay.

Bill, Bill, Ruth, Alla, Nick, Alex, Alex, Scott, Ken, Jen (orange cap), Thomas, Matt, Joseph.


Tarmo, Andres.

Eduard (way in back), Bill, Bob, Jay, Alex, Joseph, Thomas, Ruth, Tom.




Scott, Bill.

Jay, Woody.



06-17 Sun - Dinner.

Kelly, Maijian, Bob, Tom.

Patrick, Kelly, Maijian, Bob, Tom.