80m Classic
Eno River State Park

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Clicking pictures will bring up original full-sized versions. All participants are listed as seen in the picture from left to right.

Lori, Jessica, Patrick, Brian (behind Patrick). Figuring out the frequency setting for the homing beacon and foxes.

Ruth. Heading to the start.

Richard, Imre. Getting ready to go on course.

Richard, Imre, Kelly, Lori, Jessica, Brian, Ruth.

Brian, Jessica (behind Brian), Lori. Walking toward the bridge after having found control #1.

Kelly, Imre.


Kelly, Richard.

Joseph. On his way back from control #2, the furthest one back. A tree had caught his earphone wire and ripped it out - bummer.

Brandon's friend (back to us), Joseph, Brandon. Talking about how to use the receivers.

Imre, Patrick. Post run course discussion.

Joseph, Ruth.

Harold, Ruth, Joseph.

Saturday antenna setting run. Patrick had two friends to keep him company while setting up the antenna at control five. This is the first one.

Saturday antenna setting run. This is the second friend at control five. Look closely to the left of the base of the small tree.

Saturday antenna setting run. Some beautiful mushrooms on the way between controls five and four.

During setup time on Sunday morning. Kelly saw this cardinal feeding a baby.

During setup time on Sunday morning. Here he is again, passing food.

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