Amateur radio techincian license exam practice.

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Section T1: FCC Rules, descriptions, and definitions for the Amateur Radio Service, operator and station license responsibilities.
Section T2: Operating Procedures.
Section T3: Radio wave characteristics: properties of radio waves; propagation modes.
Section T4: Amateur radio practices and station set-up.
Section T5: Electrical principles: math for electronics; electronic principles; Ohm's Law.
Section T6: Electrical components; circuit diagrams; component functions.
Section T7: Station equipment: common transmitter and receiver problems; antenna measurements; troubleshooting; basic repair and testing.
Section T8: Modulation modes: amateur satellite operation; operating activities; non-voice and digital communications.
Section T9: Antennas and feed lines.
Section T0: Electrical safety: AC and DC power circuits; antenna installation; RF hazards.