2017-08 R2/USA ARDF Championship pictures

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07-31 Mon - 2m training at Veteran's Park.

Main meeting place. Terry, Bob C, ?, Joseph, Jay, ...

Main meeting place again.

08-01 Tue - 80m training.

Main meeting place.

Dinner. Ewen, Jenelle, Jack, Kelly, Ruth, Joseph, Kuon, Dale.

08-02 Wed - sprint and fox-o training.

Main meeting place.

?, Ron's wife, Pat, Oleg, Ruth, Kelly.

08-03 Thu - sprint competition.



Pat, Bob.

Gerhard, Pat (Matt?).

Checking out transmitters to get by category.




Receiver impound.



Jen, Kelly, Pat.


Donald, Matt, Dick, Bob.

Kelly punching the finish at the end of her sprint run.



Jen, James, Kelly.


Scott, Bill.

Ron, Pat.

Pat (Matt?), Gerhard, Jay.

08-04 Fri - fox-o competition.

Joe, Jay, Ruth, Donald.


Gerhard, Brigitte, Illia.

Kuon. Ready for the rain!

Bill, Fred, Scott.

Jen, Bill, Ken.



Dinner at Bob Evan's. Left: Kelly, Ewen, Jack, Bob. Right: Jenelle, Ruth, Joseph, Fred, Jay.


08-05 Sat - 2 m classic competition.

Brian, ?, Bob.

Kelly, Bob, Fred, Donald.

Donald, Jack, Jenelle, Ewen, Bill.

08-06 Sun - 80 m classic competition.

Lunch after the run. Left side: Jack, Jenelle, Ewen. Right side: Kelly, Ruth, Joseph.

Watching the terriers.


Tending the download/results table: Matt, Brian.

Fred, Less, Greg.


This is the "Too late!" picture. Sometimes the medals get put on before there is a chance to get a "podium picture" - "Too late!".

Jenelle, Mengbing, Bob. Mengbing is doing the announcing.

Ewen, Jack, Mengbing, Bob.

Jack, Ewen, Bob. Ewen gave a nice thanks to everyone for putting on the event.

Kuon, Ruth, Bob.

Dick, Harley, Bob C., Bob F..

Dale, Joseph, Nick, Bob.

Jen, Bob.

Scott, Bill, Bob.

Kelly, Bob.

Dinner at Bob Evan's again. Bill W, Ewen, Jack, Bill S, Jenelle, Kelly.