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84. IsCT news - CHCCS ARDF Spring Season opener changes plans for the next few events.

2017-04-10. Patrick.

This last Saturday, we ran the first CHCCS ARDF event of the Spring. It was a lot of fun and went pretty smoothly. The only technical glitch was the starter box batteries going dead. But we didn't have many participants so it was easy to just count down the time with them using a watch.

We found out two things that will redirect our attention for the next couple events. One, some of our ARDFers are ready for a bit longer course. Two, they are definitely eager to try 2m. This is all very exciting.

We already had plans to go a bit longer for event #3. But we're moving those plans up. Event #2 (April 22) will use a slightly larger course area. This does mean we'll have to be careful that all the foxes can be heard from the start. So a bit of experimenting is in order.

The 2m is another story. We're only planning on putting one or two 2m transmitters within about 300m of the start. We only have a couple receivers, so this will be an extra part of the event for those that want to try it out after going out on the 80m course. We don't have our transmitters close to ready yet. So we're going to have to borrow. And experiment a bit here also.

The next event is just 12 days away, on April 22. I'm not sure how much we can get done before then. We're still re-organizing the equipment from this past Saturday. The longer course will happen for sure on April 22. It's only going to be 20% longer this time. We're trying really hard to get the course timing system ready. That may or may not happen. And I doubt the 2m will be ready until event #3 (May 3).

But overall, this is really exciting. I can't wait for the next event.

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