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83. IsCT news - Introducing the new IslandCT news blog.

2017-04-04. Patrick.

This is going to be a new part of the IslandCT website. We do so much that we would like to talk about but that doesn't fit well as a blog post or project page. For example... The latest step in preparing for our first ARDF event of the season may have been worth a blog entry. But that takes time to put together. It's better to keep going with the preparation. And it's definitely not worth a project page onto itself. Yet, I find that I write to help myself remember why decisions were made and how to move forward.

So here is our new ''news blog''. The idea is to put out small notes about what we're doing, interesting discoveries, plans for the future. There may be a few pictures but not as regularly as in the blog.

The blog was meant to have new entries posted weekly, alternating between Kelly and me. That was going really well until last summer. The blog is back but it's not being put out regularly yet. Maybe we'll get there in May. But we're definitely getting things going again. The ARDF posts kept going during the school seasons. We already have the podcast back up and running.

The news blog will fill a need to get info out on an irregular basis with less work.

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