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80. We're back.

2017-03-03. Patrick.

We're back! It's been difficult. The IslandCT website blog and podcast were totally shut down for about six months. We're not ready to write about what we went through. Maybe some day. We are slowly learning to live in our new situation. At least we managed to keep ARDF going and seeing the students and parents running around at the events has been incredibly gratifying.

But we're definitely back. And we have been incredibly busy so we have much new stuff to write about. I just wrote a blog entry about our newest exciting project. It's a course timing system for the school ARDF events. And the Spring ARDF is just a few weeks away. And I have some fun stuff using python to do all sorts of image processing and particle tracking. And Kelly has some cool school maker club stuff. And then there will be Bear Island in the summer. And the eclipse, also this summer. Oh, so much good stuff.

There are several blog entries and podcasts from last year that never made it onto the web site. I'll get these up as time allows. And there will probably be a fair bit of website reorganization. The blog will be handled a bit differently. Kelly may try to keep to a regular schedule. But I'm going to blog on an ad hoc basis and spend more time on our project pages.

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