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70 — Sphero Heroes - Student Led Projects.

2016-05-01. By Kelly.

Fig. 1.    Students trying out one of Eli's Sphero Heroes activities.

Eli has been sharing his Sphero Heroes project with students all over our school for the last two months. Eli's student-led project received funding from Donor's Choose in March. He has presented his project at lunch: in the MakerSpace Club, in the media center, and in enrichment classes. His Sphero Heroes undertaking has provided engaging physics activities for over 60 students and he continues to plan more times to share his project with others. I have enjoyed supporting Eli through this phase. The experience gained from sharing his project has helped Eli develop leadership skills. The students are first intrigued by the Spheros and have many questions. Eli what is this? How does it work? How did you get all this stuff?

Eli is always eager to share his project and his passion for science. This project has helped him realize a dream and more importantly will encourage him to continue to be an academic leader. When people fund projects like Eli's Sphero Heroes, it ignites an enthusiasm for students to pursue and develop other science projects that enriches our school community.

Fig. 2.    One of Eli's physics activities.

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