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69 — Hold all building!

2016-04-24. By Patrick.

It's crazy time! All building has been put on hold! Preparing for ARDF events and running them has taken over every minute. We just need to make it through one more week.

We just did our ARDF demonstration this Saturday. We figured on just going for an hour. We would set up as people showed up, if any did show up that is. And then start packing up when before the hour was up. But the evening before we decided that it would be better to have everything setup ahead of time. Just in case. So the next morning we packed the car early, detoured by a coffee shop, and went over to the school. A good thing - half way through our initial setup, we had to move because of another event a bit too close. In the end, we were ready on time.

Ready on time. And that was another good thing because people soon showed up. We were not sure anyone would show up because it's hard to gauge what the parent response will be from the kid's enthusiasm. Except for the Avatar Club, this was going to be our first Saturday event. And it would be the first one for which we were not on school time or busing the kids. That meant that parents would have to take time to bring their kids.

In the end we had three families with a total of five kids. It may not seem like a lot, but Kelly and I were kept busy the entire time. Every one had a receiver and parents were super involved. And after our one hour, everyone was still trying different techniques and coming back to talk about the sport. So we decided to put out a couple more transmitters. From the time we arrived at our first setup location to the time we had packed all up, we had been out almost four hours! That's a good portion of the time we would expect to be out for an actual event.

We have an in-school event this week. And then a competition on the weekend. Crazy! So yup, all building has been put on hold for a month or two. But we're definitely happy for what has taken its place.

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