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67 — When you're making a difference and you can feel it.

2016-04-10. By Patrick.

This is going to be my shortest blog entry to date. And oh so late! But Kelly and I have always said that the blog would always have to come second, and the activities we blog about would come first.

And what a ride it's been in the last few months: getting the school ARDF equipment ready, planning the events, and finally getting to see kids running around searching for transmitters.

So here we are. Zero time left for anything else. But wow! What satisfaction!

We still have a few more events this Spring. We probably won't know until the end of May wheather ARDF will take-off in the schools here. But so far, it's looking promissing.

The living room looks like a tornado went through it after we came back from the last event. So, back to clean-up...

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