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57 — ARDF 80 m transmitter single board, build starting

2016-01-31. By Patrick.

Fig. 1.    Everything is ready to go. See text.

The OSH Park boards have just arrived. While waiting, I had placed all the components in small bags. There is one bag per module and one for components that are found in several bags. I think I can solder one virtual 'module' each evening and test it the next day. I'm going to be careful to document the measurements at each step so that I know what to expect from a partially built board.

I think I can go this fast because everything is super well organized and ready to go. Check out Fig. 1. At the far right, the three OSH Park boards that just arrived (one of them showing the back side). At the far top left corner, a box and large zip-lock to hold all the smaller bags and the print-ups that will be needed during soldering. Printups include schematic, board layout, BOM, notes for special build instructions. Below that are two battery cases. To the right are two rows of bags. In the top row, blue labeled bags contain the first three virtual 'modules' to build (voltage regulator, switches, controller). The yellow labeled bag has parts that will be used in several 'modules'. In the bottom row, the pink labeled bags have all the RF 'modules' (oscillator with Si5351, RF powerchain, filter and antenna commector). And finally, to the right of that, the enclosure I'm planning on using. This was all prepared so that I could start building as soon as the PCBs arrived.

So I'm hoping I can get it done in one week. Then, maybe a week will be needed to put together the enclosure and battery system. In two weeks it may be done.

This blog entry is super short. But you know why. I'm off to the garage to solder right now. À la bataille!

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