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54 — Light and vision after cataract surgery

2016-01-10. By Kelly.

Fig. 1.    The floor light is called the OxyLED F10.

Until I had cataracts and cataract surgery, I had not realized how important light is for vision. I have had to increase the amount of light I need to read a magazine or book. My classroom is lit by day lighting and now on overcast days I have to turn on the classroom lights to read the computer screen. At Christmas, Patrick got me a new headlamp and spot light to help with some of the lighting problems that I have been having at home. It has made a huge difference. The OxyLED F10 remote control floor lamps has been excellent. I can work with small electronics and other stuff that was impossible without good light source. I also like the cool and warm light settings. I have used low blue light for working on a computer while I use high yellow light for small gadgets. The light was exactly what I needed to start working on small projects. The Petzel Nao headlamp was another great find and it has been super. When we were traveling, I used my headlamp to read a book and magazines since the lighting in the cabin was limited. For me the right lighting has become vital for working with small stuff and reading.

Fig. 2.    The headlamp is called the Petzel Nao. Like the floor light, it made a huge difference.

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