2016-04 US ARDF Championship pictures

Tarball of picture originals (117.3 MB). I have had problems downloading this file using right-click and save-as from my web browser. It ends up corrupted; I'm not sure why. But using wget works.

04-06 Wed - 80m practice at Berry Springs.

The pavilion.

Kuon, Mike, Joe.

Marvin and Illia checking out the software that handles results, I think.

Jen holding up the stake that anchors the tube with the control flag to the ground. Easy to miss during control pick-up if you haven't been explicitly warned to look for it. Ruth, Charlie, and Bob.

04-07 Thu - 80m foxoring at Dana Peak

View of pavilion looking out toward the peninsula point. Finish shoot being setup; flags still on the ground.

View from the pavilion out toward the controls. You have to get to the dark green before you can expect to find any controls. The distance seemed much longer on the way to the finish than it did on the out.

Evghenii, Harley and Karla (backs to us), Vadim and Joseph. Checking receivers. But it's all messed up. Evghenii is checking his heart beat with a stethoscope. Harley and Karla are looking away from the transmitters, having adopted the Chevy Chase philosophy: the shortest path between two points is a straight line in the opposite direction. Vadim and Joseph have assumed a posture which they started on the hour and will hold for exactly one minute and repeat every five minutes in observance of a ritual prescribed by their chosen minor deity "MOE".

Dale, Scott. Setting up the finish shoot.

Nancy, Jen, James

James. Gainfully Employed as a Member of the Volunteer Team and Official Bearer of the 2016 US ARDF Championship Smiles. "When I pull on the side like this it's called the 'mischievous-smile'".

Harley being treated by April at the aid station.


Ruth, Alla, Lori.


Vadim, Joseph. Joseph is directing Vadim in the next-gen receiver design: "The coffee maker circuit should only turn on if the receiver has been turned on between 0600 and 0800 and only if it senses that the cup is firmly connected to the adapter."

Illia and Evghenii.

Vadim: "Now that Joseph is gone, I can concentrate on circuits that actually make sense for ARDF: the distillery circuit!"

04-07 Thu - A Dinner at Rosa's.

Jerry, Lori, Ruth, Joseph. The picture is a bit blurry when zoomed in but it's such a good picture otherwise and I have no better one from the dinner.

04-08 Fri - Sprint at Parrie Hayes C5 Youth Ranch.

About one third of the beautiful panorama seen from the pavilion.

Lori, Ruth, Dick. Checking out the skips.

Mat, Bill, Joseph.

April and Joe during a busy time.

Scott, checking out start times posted on the tree, I think.

Partial list: Joseph (white hat), Iurii (event T-shirt), Lori (white shirt with orange shoulders and blue sleeves), Bob (with cap on), Ruth (red and blue shirt), Karla (blue shirt), Harley (white cap), Mike (flagging tape on glasses, black hoodie). Everyone is checking out skips.

Joseph, Karla, Nancy, Mike, Mat, Ruth (leaning over), Bill (dark red outfit), Lori.

James, Dale, Ken. Putting up the flag.

Joyce delivering the pre-race instructions. Joyce, Ken, Nancy (behind table), Greg (sun glasses, partially seen only), Nicolai. The rest of the group is just to the right.

Illia, Vadim, Iurri

Natalia, Alla. Race-prep time.

Lunch in the 'Longhorn cabin' after the sprint.

04-09 Sat - 2m Classic at Parrie Hayes Equestrian Center.

Sarah, Norbert, Kuon, Brian, Joyce (plad shirt), Greg (green shirt, behind Joyce). Those clouds are looking a bit dark.

April (behind first aid station), Karla, Jerry.

Nicolai, Vadim, Leszek

Joyce, Kuon (sitting), Scott, Bill (red shirt, at back), Richard, Matt, Jerry. And now that we have the impound area covered, the sun is back.

Left: first aid sation and carriages. Center: the cabin where we had the awards dinner. Right: Blue covered area with receiver impound.

Marji, Charlie.

04-09 Sat, evening - Awards dinner at Parrie Hayes Equestrian Center.

Playing horse: Dale, Norbert. Sitting in the carriage: Joseph, Leszek, Vadim. To right: Evghenii, Charlie.

Just before dinner. Vadim sharing his home made 'performance re-evaluation potion'.

Ken MCing the awards ceremony.

04-10 Sun - 80m Classic at Parrie Hayes C5 Youth Ranch.

Yucheng, Jerry.

Lori, Leszek, Norbert.

Vadim, Joseph.

Ruth, Jerry, Leszek.

Natalia, Alex, Alla, Evghenii, Nicolai, Iurii, Illia.

Bill, Scott.

Dale, Kuon (facing away), Marvin, Joe. April and Joyce at the first aid station.

Karla, Marji.

Bill, Brian, Matt, Dick.

Marji, Brian. This has got to be the best picture.

04-10 Sun - Afternoon - Lunch after 80m Classic - Parrie Hayes C5 Youth Ranch.

Awards ceremony for 80m Classic, just after lunch.

Our 80m Classic gold medal winners.