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001 - Raspberry Pis and Arduino robots at Christmas.

Minutes: 0000 music 0021 start of intro 0043 about us and about topic sections 0148 Kelly's blog entry - our orienteering planning for Mar-22. Problems with map vs reality. 0511 Kelly using Condes. 0615 Patrcik's blog entry - the last two Christmases Raspberry Pis (Christmas 2013) 0645 Mention Isaac and Luke 0722 Isaac steels Kelly's Raspberry Pi for home network access. 0738 Christmass 2014, arduino-robots 0810 On the lookout for new or old electronic gadgets/project -- Pat: "It will never work" (joke). 0845 Luke thinking about drones 0910 Part 2 -- topics of interest 0922 Kelly: Using Raspberry Pis at school Getting girls involved, Makerspace a lunch expanded to "Enrichment Club". Done once with "after-3" kids. Makey-Makey 1110 Isaac has a Makey-Makey but he took it. Keyboard taken apart. 1135 Boys at school taking apart a calculator and using the Makey-Makey to hack it. They found where the ground was on the calculator. 1312 The 'STEM box', solar car high school competition. They want to win because they're not in high school. 1344 Pat's topics of interest. 1405 PCB to OSH Park. Purple packaging. Oooo! Breakout boards for ATmega328, same as in arduino. TQFP. 1512 Soldering by hand not tough; making the board is tough. Boards look beautiful, icon on board, works of art. 1600 All digital input and output pins as pads on side with 100 mil spacing. Angle headers. 1652 Crane and star as logo. Alpha Boo Crane, Arcturus, Constellaion Bootes, the Herdsman, Umlaut, Greek, mark to pronounce two vowels separately: noel, mais. 1830 Google, ABC Crane for hooking up camera 1858 Backup system for the house. Programming taking a lot of time, really obvious stuff not seen. 2003 Both looking at Audacity together as it records, using computer microphones, testing 'big' microphones, "dynamic microphones", large dynamic range, must be held close, don't pick up noise. 2150 Orion tracker (telescope). Signals into oscilloscope, protocol unrecognized. Put telescope outside with arduino or Raspberry Pi and wireless, have it track. 2305 Issues with telescope, used by entire family, haven't used it for a year, Isaac used it, telescope has aged. Isaac, astronomy class. Ask luke? 2425 Part 3 - "Future Plans". 2445 Kelly future plans - raspberry pi with camera. In future have one setup in field for wild life. Camera hookup to telescope. 2544 Digression, orienteering, Kelly's "Superman Fall" and looking up into a field camera, at Umstead. Isaac "You're probably on YouTube". 2650 Nocturnal organisms, infrafed camera, infrared filter at front. 2735 Patrick's future plans. Pat's blog entry due today, about Raspberry Pis used as second monitor. Fun blog entries actually dry on second read. 2838 Debian 8 release comming up. Kubuntu 12 being used on recording computer. Gimp used to make maps. New Gimp can create folders for layers, really good feature missing from Kubuntu 12. 2950 Midle School Enrichment club, starts in Feb. Electronics. Kids have been really excited about Raspberry Pis. ARDF - amateur radio direction finding, competitions. 3137 Person comming to teach ARDF, world champions. Nadia, from orienteering. High level competitor and also excited about teaching. Enrichment Club, start in Feb, end early April possibly. 3320 Building ARDF transmitters for 80m. OSH Park boards. Always a need for breakout boards. Meet on Mar-22 (orienteering) for which we are course setting at Falls Lake. Still a fair bit away but it's taking so much time but a real fun time even in the cold and rain. "Driven by fear". Starting meet early. 3558 Our course has much zig-zagging so easy to get back. Map is 1:10,000; other meets 1:15,000. 3658 Part 4 "Wrapping it up". 3719 Music. 3833 End


002 - Geese.

Minutes: [0105] Kelly's blog entry - the maker space. Encouraging girls and a diverse audience. ... ... ... [0355] Minecraft on the stationary bike. Student made cardboard Makey-Makey guitar. Nose pianos. [0450] At Makerspace Club at the middle school; 8th grade. A few 7th graders. [0540] Bluestamp Engineering Project. For high school students. ... ... ... [1000] Centers: San Diego, Houston, New York, and ? Scholarships. ... [1225] Hitting absolute impasses in electronics projects. Making mini-boards. ... ... ... [2050] Setting up a database of organic food produced and organic feed for livestock. ... ... ... [2445] Jan-2: Kelly received full funding for Raspberry Pis, camera kits, and Makey-Makeys! Yipieee! Donor's Choose. [2600] Problems with Amazon problems with Donor's Choose. ... ... ... [3100] Kelly is a Kenan Fellow. The interview process. ... ... ... [4125] Geese. Science Jan-16. Bar-headed (spelling?) geese. ... Flight over the Himalayas. ... ... ... [4830] Heart rate: 200 to 400 beats per minute. Wing beat frequency: just below 4 Hz. ... ... ... [5535] TriLUG meeting. Meeting at NC State. About vim. ... ... ...


003 - Presentations.

Minutes: [0100] Kelly and Pat made a commitment to write a blog together almost one year ago. Unexpected effect: Conversations during drive to work together. ... ... ... [0910] Kelly ordered Chlamydamonas for her class. Kids loved them because of their fast motion. ... ... ... [1140] We're in Chapel Hill, NC. Pat was at a Gordon conference in Galveston, TX. ... ... ... [1910] Cryoelectron tomography. ... ... ... [2710]] YouTube video series: Numberphile and 64 symbols. ... ... ... [3520] Raspberry Pis for the classroom have arrived. ... ... ... [4125] Presentations. Scientific presentations. [4225] Planed research on organic production versus organic feed availability. Infographics. ... ... ... Teachers that don't need tricks to give a good presentation. [4900] Dr. Carlisle at St Lawrence University. ... ... ... [5425] Mar-22, our own orienteering meet is coming up. ...


004 - Snow.

Minutes: New microphone. Music, Dire Straits. Bear Island.


005 - Zooniverse.



006 - Dicer.



007 - Pi.



008 - Hubble.



009 - Hubble really.



010 - Marijuana.

Minutes: New headsets being tried.


011 - Measles.

Minutes: The Frontal Harvest podcast is now the Island Creative Time podcast. Amidon order error. Gnuplot to modem updating pings. RPi dropping off - script to keep it up. Luke stopped by. Climbing "Place Your Bet" and "Scarface". Newly discovered frogs. Olive trees in Italy - diseased. Schooner Tara Ocean study. MERS in S. Korea. Opah - full-body endothermy in fish. Loki - archaea. EOGs - good results. "AVID" help for kids going to college. NEC - "Numerical Electromagnetics Code". Pilot -- Place Your Bet. Cataract surgery. Read to Me program.


012 - Sense antennas.

Minutes: The first time Kelly took over creating all the notes. Two wild weeks, cataracts surgery, chiggers.


013 - OSH Park boards.



014 - Recorded at Bear Island.



015 - Pelicans.



016 - Broken recording.

017 - ARDF.



018 - Preparations for ARDF at Smith.

Minutes: Plans for web hosting service. [0630] Sport-specific physiological adaptations in endurance trained athletes... Cross-country skiers, orienteers, kayakers. [1050] bracheal endothelial function. [1250] orienteering fitness and cognitive function... [2330] Vaccination. Polio resurfacing... [3025] World Health Organization... [3050] A new fuel source? [3450] Octane substitue as a strategy and bicycle riding point of view... environmental dangers of going to octane substitute vs electricity from batteries. [4120] Iran - editorial, population. [4405] Iran - how research has gone on since the revolution. Iran publishing scientific papers. [5250] The Iranian Light Source Facility. [5600] Stem cell research in Iran. [5640] Iran - Lake Urmia. [6200] Kelly using Xournal. [6440] Denis Auroux, MIT multivariable calculus open courseware. [6630] GNUplot. Using a log file with formated lines. [7000] Body monitoring for staying fit. [7021] Kelly's FitBit use... [7210] TriLUG (Triangle Linux User's Group) meeting, getting a job in IT. [7320] Github plans. [7440] Avatar Club coming up. [7800] Building ARDF transmitter. Just got power amplifier working. [7920] Our journey in electronics, coming to it late. [8110] Future plans.


019 - Mantle.

Minutes: Home server is up. Bringing back 'minor topics'. [03'10"] Genetic engineering of a Himalayan mayapple to make cancer drugs. CRISPR; cpf1 as opposed to Cas9. CRISPR, Science ebook overview. [09'20"] Doing water quality in class. Nitrates in freshwater, algal blooms. Nitrogen vs phosphurus. Nitrogen increasing uranium mobility. [1200].


020 - ARDF craziness.

Minutes: We don't have a hosting site yet and haven't decided which host to use. Himalayan mayapple blog entry. ARDF transmitter build and Avatar Club meet. New class of antibacterial drug. [1050] Minor topics. Nobel prizes. Aziz Sancar, DNA repair. [1230] Water on Mars, Curiosity rover. [1610] Having the right tools for the job, many tools. Choosing knobs, tiny hex drivers. Kids making electrical measurements. [2150] Carbon nanotube transistors. [...] megasupramolecules to make fuels safer [...] CRISPR [...] building prototypes as modules [...].


021 - Witchweed.

Minutes: Correction of water on Mars error in last podcast... underground briny water ... conditions on surface don't allow liquid water ... [0620] What is IslandCT? ... [0800] Explaining this because new hosting site ... ddns ... Raspberry Pi, port-forwarding ... Server died ... [1000] New hosting service - GoDaddy ... 80m ARDF transmitter ... Himalayan Mayapple. [27'20"] ...


022 - Curing blindness.

Minutes: Podcast intro and outro music, copyright, Creative Commons. [0530] Minor topics. Mass extinctions and selenium. Kelly's new Neutab android phone/tablet. Programming code at Smith Middle School Maker Space. Kan Academy, javascript., blocky code. BioGen Ignite Stem Grant. [18'05"] Eye drops to cure cataracts. IslandCT website, cPanel, site statistics, unique visitors. New website look with new layout, css. cPanel raw data logs. [2600] Ebola in semen. [2805] USB microscope, pantograph, transfering circuit diagrams to copper. Compositing. Debian Xfce. LTspice on wine. Notepad2 on MS Windows. [3820] Pandemic the board game. Wil Wheaton "Tabletop" on YouTube. [4150] Cataracts eye surgery in India. Development of the brain and input from the visual system. Visual illusions just after eye sight surgery. Contrast sensitivity. Spatial imagery. Science 2015-10-23, issue-6259, p372. [5800] Viral trans-infection. Science 2015-10-30, p511. [6715] Patrick on cover of CQ magazine, Nov. issue, ARDF. [6850] Future plans. MS Win OS, virtual box, new SSD drive for laptop, 2016-03 Falls Lake o-meet, Openorienteering Mapper, 1st Eno River o-meet, Kelly with grad student and Avatar club at NC Science Museaum in Raleigh, plankton, Jan cruise to antarctica, Greg Meyers NC representative talking to kids.


023 - Polio.

Minutes: Whole new awsome look for the IslandCT website. Website most built by program. [0320] Kelly's blog entry, Avatar Club to Raleigh, Marchetti lab, Carly Moreno, phytoplankton research, trip to Antarctica in January. [0500]...[2000] [2110] Program dia, for making flow charts, for making floor plans, also good for teachers for making class floor plans, making door sign. [2440] Polio, eradication. Science 2015-11-06 editorial. [2530]...[3000] Still talking about polio. [3025]...[4000] Maven in Mars atmosphere. [4030]...[4500] Data from Maven cover art for Science journal. Prossecing large text data sets to make displays. [4600]...[5030] Mnt St Helen, magma chambers below volcano. [5100]...[6000] Still talking about Mnt St Helens. [6050] Greenland, Science 2015-11-13, west side glaciers have been flowing fast for a long time, satellite data used, discovery of east side glacier speeding up, ice no longer making contact with ridge at end of shelf, interferometry of ice level with tides. [6430]...[8000] Finishing up discussion on body size and mass extinctions article. [8030] CRISPR, Cas9, bacterial protein guided by RNA, Cas9 finding targets in eukaryotic genomes. [8230]...[8700] Kids at school helping to write grant to get drones.


024 - Gene drive.

Minues: ...[0340] Pat's blog entry, home-made vias ... [0625] Kelly's blog entry, dinosaur chicken relationship ... [1550] Firefox extension ItsAllText found in the last Linux Voice issue... [1800] Two Science articles about climate change, one of them talks in Paris... [3540] ITER delayed again... [3810] Gene drive, CRISPR-Cas9, mosquitoes, malaria... [5250] CRISPR used to remove viruses from pig cell lines, xenotransplants... [5825] The big breakthrough getting the 80 m ARDF transmitter power... [6840] OpenOrienteering Mapper...


025 - Aurochs.

Minues: [0540] Blog entries. Donors Choose, student initiated grants. ... [1040] Pat's blog entry. Blog entry before was 49, got more power from 80m transmitter. But still worried about soldering MSOP-10. Blog-51, success in soldering MSOP-10. ... [1655] Science Dec-18 issue. Syrian refugees and TB. ... [2200] Mitochondria. Science Dec-04. ... Transition of heart metabolism at birth. ... [3055] Fish not killed quickly, peroxides. ... [3310] Aurochs. ... [4010] CRISPR. Worries about its impact. ... [4310] CubeSats for weather monitoring. ... [5210] Greenland glaciers. ... [6240] MOOCs, democratizing education (or not). ... [7255] Akatsuki spacecraft enters orbit around Venus. First data collected will be next year. ... NASA funding announcement. ... [7450] Geminid meteor shower missed, cloudy. Others saw them. Slow moving meteors. ... [8440] SSH use for IslandCT website updates.


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