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46 — The AVATAR Club meets with UNC Researcher Carly Moreno.

2015-11-15. By Kelly.

Fig. 1. This illustration is from the presentation Carly Moreno made to the AVATAR students on 11.11.15 and it shows an outline of her future field work and lab work.

On November 11, 2015, the AVATAR club went to visit the State Legislature building, and the Natural Science Museum in Raleigh. We started our tour at the Natural Science Museum. Carly Moreno, came along to share her expertise and we learned about her research on phytoplankton. Carly is a research assistant in Dr. Adrian Marchettis lab at UNC Chapel Hill. The Marchetti lab researches phytoplankton especially diatoms found in and around sea ice.

Carlys research will take her to Western Antarctica Peninsula in January, 2016. We are excited about her trip because we will be following Carly's field work in Antarctica through blogs and we are also planning face to face time via Skype. Before Carley leaves for her research cruise, she will be coming to Smith Middle School and leading a lab in which the students will have the opportunity to look at the phytoplankton that Carly is researching.

Carlys project is part of the Palmer Long Term Ecological Research. During the research cruise, Carly will be focusing on the limiting factors of sea ice, iron, and light on the phytoplankton. The students and I are excited about learning more about Carly's research and working on class experiments that model Carly's field and lab work.

Fig. 2. Researchers Natalie Cohen and Carly Moreno in their on-board lab with water filtration setup.

Fig. 3. Researcher Carly Moreno of the Marchetti Lab running light level experiments in the Galapagos.

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