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20 — Volunteering at Moore's Wall with Carolina Climbers Coalition.

2015-05-11. By Kelly.

Fig. 1.    We didn't take any pictures on trail day. But we did have pictures from Moore's wall taken during visits in 2013. This image, looking down Moore's Wall from top of Easy Hard; Kelly in red helmet coming up; 2013-07.

Patrick and I decided to go to a trail day event at Moore's Wall. We have enjoyed climbing there over the last few years and we wanted to support the climbing community. It was the first time that we had volunteered for a trail day event. We arrived and hiked up the trail to where the new trail was being put in. My job was to clear the root mass down to the dirt and any rocks that could cause a hiker to stumble. I used the Mc Leod, a heavy duty rake and hoe tool. Once the root mass was loosened, I used my hands to pull up chunks and remove it from the path. I expected an inch of root mass but this stuff was thick and tenacious in some areas of the path. The cutter mattock was also used on the trail to cut apart roots and stumps obscuring the path. Large rocks were moved from the path using a winch and this sometimes took up to an hour when the rocks were large and clustered. Patrick and I both brought gloves and we were very thankful to have them. Although the gloves didn't prevent all blisters, they prevented most. Everyone that showed up for the trail building event worked steady for the entire day only taking short breaks for water and lunch.

This may sound like rough work but it also had a great community environment. The people who showed up for the event also enjoyed climbing. Several of the people helping came to meet fellow climbers. Others came because they love the Moore's Wall climbing area and want to give back. I really enjoyed working along with others and getting to know them through the work session. By the end of the work session we had built a new trail. On the way home, I was tired but mostly I enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment. I know that Patrick and I will sign up for future work sessions. We now have the time with our kids grown up and we want to be part of a community that supports climbers and hikers.

Fig. 2.    Kelly and Patrick at Moore's Wall; 2013-09.

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