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06 — Next steps for the MakerSpace.

2015-02-08. By Kelly.

Keeping a blog has held us accountable in ways that we had not expected. We knew it would take time to write the blog each week. What was surprising is the amount of time that we spend talking about future dreams for our projects. Our conversation have revolved around future projects and next steps for areas of orienteering, ARDF, electronic projects, and the MakerSpace Club. It is from these discussions over coffee that have led us to bigger visions about the direction we intend to pursue. Ideas like lists of projects and materials for MakerSpace to keep student engaged. It is surprising how writing about our passions has led to us develop a clearer plan of action.

Currently, I am working on rounding up screens for our MakerSpace enrichment club to get ready for our Raspberry Pi's. The students are excited about getting started. One my students went online to look for Raspberry Pi projects. I am curious to see the direction he hopes to pursue. I like to hear that my student's interest are sparked and that he/she is exploring the Raspberry Pi's capability. During our MakerSpace Club at lunch, we have totally moved away from the Makey Makey kits and are focusing on our STEM competition. The students talk about their design a great deal but only three of the five groups are building. The students seem to be divided into two schools of thought, the jump in and build, and the designers, who want 3 gears and 4 motors to run on 1.5 Volts. It is fun to see them negotiate with their peers as they design and build their car. We have three more weeks to get our projects ready. Next week, I start filming their progress.

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