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Foxoring transmitter skirts.

Last update: 2017-09-07.

This project describes skirts designed to protect the area underneath an enclosure from rain. The first few foxoring transmitters we built don't have a good way to keep the rain off of the power switch and recharge jack at the bottom. We designed some skirts to fit over the enclosres. There are two sizes, one for foxo1 and one for foxo3. For now, we're only putting up the info for foxo1.

We'll put up more info as the foxoring transmitter project progresses. For now, we only have 5 prototypes partially built. They work but much more needs to be done. Hopefully, we'll have a full set built by Oct-22 when we may put on a foxoring event for the CHCCS ARDF series.

Next: We're getting help from Smith Middle School for this 3D printing project. If it works, we'll have rain protection for the prototypes and we'll try to design our next OSH Park boards around a custom case.

Some files to download.

For 3D printing, I think only the first file is needed.

Some pictures and descriptions.

Fig 1. View of the skirt sitting on the x,y-plane, the way it would be printed. The bottom of the transmitter would slide into the top.

Fig 2. This images and the rest of the images will have the skirt translated down to make it easier to see the interior.

Fig 3. Looking down into it from the top, note the following three parts: a curved cutout at the top, spines running vertically inside, and a small ledge about half way down. The curved cutout will hold a bead of silicone sealant. The spines are triangular in cross section and are designed to act as a "press-fit" system around the transmitter. The ledge is a stopper against which the transmitter bottom will rest when fully inserted.

Fig 4. View from the bottom. The stopper ledge has a bevel. I think this is necessary for 3D printing to stop problems with overhangs. The switches and jack will be accessible through this opening.

Fig 5. Cross section through showing the intersection of the skirt with the x,z-plane. The stopper ledge with the bottom bevel area easier to see here.

Notes for us.

The data here come from 2017 ipro 0831v05a, as03, skir5b--foxo1.

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