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2020. 05-03, 05-12.

All these came from 2020 ipro 0503v19b.

Red shouldered hawk.

Top left of high tension tower.

Close up.

In flight.

Gray catbird and downy woodpecker.

Gray catbird at left and downy woodpecker at top right.

Gray catbird, closeup.

Downy woodpecker, closeup.


Looking around.

Brown headed cowbird.

Two. One displaying.

Close up.

Red bellied woodpecker

At the suet.

Rufus sided Twohee

Actually, I think it's now called the eastern towhee. I'll have to check.

On the ground, by the spilled seeds from one of the feeders.


A warbler. Not sure which species.

2020. 05-24.

These came from 2020 ipro 0524v16a.

Parasola plicatilis. The first picture was taken during the morning patrol. Sometime during the morning, they completely disappeared.

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