ARDF Event Registration & Receiver Reservation.

You can register using this page
you can send Kelly Sears an email.
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Tell us who is coming and how many receivers you will need.

• • • 2020 Spring Season CHCCS ARDF Events • • •

Mar-28 - Registration open.

Apr-18 - Future event.

May-2 - Future event.

May-16 - Future event.

If you want more, the Backwoods Orienteering Klub (BOK) is also having an ARDF event on May-31 (Sunday) at the Eno River State Park. The BOK website can be found at

You don't have to register for CHCCS events, but registration is useful for everyone.

— It guarantees you will have a receiver. —
— It tells us the minimum number of maps to print. —
— It speeds sign-in when you arrive. —

If you haven't registered, please come anyway. We'll still be psyched to see you there.

Family members, teachers/school staff, and volunteers can also register to reserve a receiver.

Registration for the Mar-28 event is open.

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Culberth Middle School.
McDougle Middle School.
Phillips Middle School.
Smith Middle School.

Carrboro High School.
Chapel Hill High School.
East Chapel Hill High School.


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6     7     8     9     10     11     12     Family member.     Teacher, school staff, or volunteer.

Email is the only way we communicate with participants.

You need to hit the Submit button for the reservation to be recorded:

If you need to contact us about your registration or cancel a registration, please email Kelly Sears (ksears [at]

About email. Email really is the only way we communicate with participants. Sorry, we don't use all the other social media. We use email as follows: