ARDF Event Registration & Receiver Reservation.

• • • 2019 Spring Season CHCCS ARDF Events • • •

Apr-6 - CNF - 80m classic

Apr-20 - CNF - 80m classic

May-4 - CNF - sprint and beginner foxo

May-18 - CNF - possibly a 2m classic

The CHCCS spring season is over.

There is still a BOK event on June 6 at the Eno River State Park.
Information will soon be posted at
Registration will be required and must be done on the BOK website.

If we don't see you there, see you in the fall : )

If you want more, the Backwoods Orienteering Klub (BOK) is also having ARDF events on Mar-17 and Jun-2 (Sundays). The BOK can be found at

You don't have to register for CHCCS events, but registration is useful for everyone.

— It guarantees you will have a receiver. —
— It tells us the minimum number of maps to print. —
— It speeds sign-in when you arrive. —

If you haven't registered, please come anyway. We'll still be psyched to see you there.

Family members, teachers/school staff, and volunteers can also register to reserve a receiver.

Registration for CHCCS spring events is closed.
See you in the fall.

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School affiliation:

Culberth Middle School.
McDougle Middle School.
Phillips Middle School.
Smith Middle School.

Carrboro High School.
Chapel Hill High School.
East Chapel Hill High School.


School grade:
6     7     8     9     10     11     12     Family member.     Teacher, school staff, or volunteer.

Email is the only way we communicate with participants.

You need to hit the Submit button for the reservation to be recorded:

If you need to contact us about your registration or cancel a registration, please email Kelly Sears (ksears [at]

About email. Email really is the only way we communicate with participants. Sorry, we don't use all the other social media. We use email as follows: